Duo -- Whale Bones

at left: Brian Jungen Shapeshifter 2000.
White polypropylene plastic chairs. 57 x 260 x 52 in. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Purchased 2001.
Possibly one of my favourite artists (I hate choosing, but still), Jungen is a Canadian/Dutch aboriginal artist who has achieved staggering super-stardom in the art world with his transformation masks (made of Nike Air Jordan sneakers) and these skeletons, made of folding plastic lawn chairs.

at right: Gabriel Orozco Mobile Matrix 2006.
Reassembled whale bones. click here for more information.
Orozco currently has a huge retrospective on at MoMA. The bones he used for the sculpture were excavated from Baja California Sur, and Orozco is famous for his meticulous method. He reduced a Citroen's size by a third for an exhibition, and has even worked with human skulls.


heart charlie said...

Wow, I absolutely love the photo of Jungen's work. I must do some research!

V said...

I knew it was Gabriel Orozco when I saw the bones! I love his work, he's a genius.

patience said...

i just saw jungen's lawn chair piece at the ngc - kind of brilliant indeed!