Found Photographs - The eve of Christmas eve

I'm having too much fun to blog. So bear with me and I'll talk to y'all in January
when I have to go back to real life.
Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday with family, friends, happiness, and festivities.
Love, V

After christmas I'm going snowboarding.
Last minute: I need socks like Emma's.

Also, a russian-style hat like this one would keep me warm.

Because I like pandas, despite their being completely unsuited to survival.
They only eat bamboo, they are enormous and totally cute.

Seems as though CC are like the hipster equiv of Christmas music. I keep hearing them everywhere. At rising star, in stores, etc.

oh yes! Lara for Louis Vuitton!

I must have this Dries sweater. In this colour, too.
by jaknjil

I love the whole architecture of this, in the clothes, the set, the pose.. it makes
another gladiator sandal tolerable.

Don't get me a kitty for christmas unless his name is Maru.

Emmanuelle Alt by Maciek Kobielski
Currently coveting this look so hard.
those boots!!!!!!!

chandelier by hudson furniture

Ultimate campaign. Hermes.

By Disappointment Only by Alejandro Diaz


Kimmy said...

I NEED that SIGN !!
I would put it on the outside of my bedroom door. Zing!

Veronicahhh said...

ROFL kimmy!!!

magdalyn said...

1. ash in fur hat=amazing
2. pandas are my fav animal ever. thank you
3. lara stone, omg
4. alt reminds me of you there


donna said...

The Bay sells slipper socks similar to Emma's. The Bay = underratedlove.