Found Photographs -- Monday

Jason Schwartzman for Boy by Band of Outsiders.
If you don't like Jason Schwartzman then go away.

Kirsten Dunst in same series as Jason above.

uh hawt. photo by saga

by Annie Leibovitz via

photo by richardericksen

Photography by Petra Collins & Laura Lynn Petrick

This photo has all the elements: animal skull, milk (though not choc), long brown hair, languid face..

This ring could be an acceptable belated christmas gift.

Jean-Michel Basquiat by James Van Der Zee , 1982

Marie Antoinette's room.

all I need.

via heaven/haven. Donna has found all the best founds with text on the internet
and compiled them into the most epic post. check it out!

with my new tube scarf (aka turtle shell scarf) this could easily be me.

Other version of "could be me" with turtle shell scarf. But with a brick wall that isn't mine.

No wonder I'm obsessed with Chloe Sevigny. Look at where she lives!
via jillsies.

I want a bike so that I can look this cool. I don't need it because I am too close to everything to
actually use a bike. It's almost too close to walk. But think of how perfect this look is!

So props to Robyn for finding the most incredible hotel ever.

Photo by Lina Scheynius.


magdalyn said...

nice header lady!

Veronicahhh said...

i didn't own the rights to the old one, it was confiscated. hence new approach. xox

the forsaken said...

I said i temporarily extended your license to it as you decided to start responding to me.. silly.

TF said...

oh also the fact that terrible bikes are part of the hipster/ courier / i want to look like i make minimum wage aesthetic is a sure sign of the impending implosion of our world.

Chips said...

New header looks good! Urban ninja.

Victoria said...

OMG Marie Antoinette's room! Love it!

Kimmy said...

Rick Rubin has five totally sick old school wooden longboards !! They have to be between 10-12 feet.