Found Photographs Saturday

photograph of Vancouver by Matt Savage

I never understand haikus but this one is easy enough.

This indoor tropical forest in Cornwall photographed by Matt Irwin

Sol Lewitt's home, photographed by Eric Boman for "Art and Sol"
Featured in World of Interiors, Oct 2009.

The only question related to TV I ask more than "Do you watch 30 rock?"
is "Did you watch Skins?" If so- this is Tony Stoneham. If you answer no, then it's just Nicholas Hoult in Out Magazine, via.

Best! fur collar!
by Yvan

Berlin is probably the raddest city in the world right now.
Photograph by fluxorist.

by antichristopher
noah- remember went we walked all around the city trying to find Victoria's
single hot dog vendor one night last summer? yea that was fun.

Dear Lara Stone. I just had a heart attack. How do you do that?
photo by altamira

Clearly the best photo on the internet this week is this one of Kim
in her gold sequin disco dress. I'm so sad that I missed this moment IRL, that
I must immortalize it here. Kim, you sexy thing.

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