Found Photographs Wednesday

it's a gloomy time of year: it gets dark early, school is in panic mode, etc.
So I thought I'd start off by trying to cheer you up with lolcats.

We are going to watch this during the holidays. Pick a date, sometime
after next week, come over and bring snacks/beverages.

photograph by orordavatten
he did the Arctic Chair photo, too.

via mute.

Iceland, by Masato.

google it.

in case you didn't know, it's Nike.

Clémence Poésy of the week.

National Geographic photo contest. My mind is blown.
via debeatavita.

Daniel Arsham Curtain 2007

bcbg wedges. too bad Rumi has them, I deserve them.

dear renee, i want your kitten.
my cat friend claims I am likely still allergic to this cat even though it is hairless.
i need a 2nd opinion who will tell me it isn't so.

Dear Stam, those are a lot of remotes.

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♥ Callah said...

Ah lolcatz. You wonder how they capture that "perfect" moment.