Found Photographs -- Wednesday

Close up of Gabriel Orozco’s “Mobile Matrix” during installation. Orozco was commissioned to make the sculpture by Mexico’s National Council for Culture and the Arts for its permanent home in the Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City. After excavating the bones from the Isla Arena in Baja California Sur, Orozco and a team of approximately 20 assistants used some 6,000 mechanical pencils to draw lines on the whale that relate to its structure. Dark solid circles are surrounded by numerous series of concentric rings that overlap and collide with each other.
via MoMA

Once again, happy birthday Kiera!

The artist Aurel Schmidt behind the Royal Palm Hotel, where she’s holed up for Art Basel Miami Beach. Photo by Dan Martensen


This whole editorial was so fresh, it blew my mind. I'm also v. partial to Behati.
Photographed by ari marcopoulos and featuring behati prinsloo
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This outfit is now on my xmas list.
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The ground near the Phoenix lander, which touched down in an arctic region called Vastitas Borealis, at 68 degrees north latitude, 234 degrees east longitude on MARS.

LL in Muse photographed by Yu Tsai

And the supermodel with most staying power award goes to..

Dear Daul, still miss you. Esp after seeing these shots you took for Chanel Joaillerie.

Dear Ish, you better wear your fur coat this weekend. love, V.

Oh, hi Mr. Blobfish. Yes, that's really your name. What is up with your FACE? Why do you look like that? Im serious- why do deep sea creatures always look so unbelievable impossible? WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THAT?

Thanks, Mag, for sending me this.

call me.

And the supermodel with most staying power award goes to..tough call!


Victoria said...

Oh my God..I actually laughed out loud when I read your caption under the blowfish...hilarious and so freakishly weird looking.

Victoria said...

Correction: blobfish..not blowfish..hahaha


Blobfish is insane.... when i saw it first time i thought its a piece of human fat taken out and formed into somekind of face.

commonculturephotos said...

lol @ the fish, i can just hear you saying that!

also curious: does that xmas wishlist include the harem pants she is wearing :o

commonculturephotos said...

oops ps its mag

Anonymous said...

the photo of aurel schmidt is by dan MARTENSEN, not dartensen.

Veronicahhh said...

ok chill out, i'm sure you've seen a typo before.

roo said...

I wish LL didn't look 35 and hadn't had a lip job.

Eventually she will look like the blobfish...

patience said...

i LOVE that necklace that is on daul!

christopher said...

okey, will do. nice pictures here!