holiday cheer

So far, I am having an excellent holiday:
  • Egg nog and rum at night, and egg nog in tea for breakfast.
  • Large amounts of coffee, and some excellent free americanos with ice cream.
  • Dance parties with all my best friends.
  • Parties with egg nog and rum, parties with a projector showing a youtube disco dance party, parties with crab cakes, etc.
  • Screenings of the best movies, including Home Alone, Ferris Bueller, Broken Flowers, and thankfully only a few moments of Love Actually. Hopefully I can watch Home Alone 2 tonight.
  • Carolers outside my apartment happily singing. I love this throughout the day, but I hate that they wake me up in the mornings when I went to bed late.
  • My advent calendar, thanks mom.
  • The live band at the mall. Also, the 458215469 people currently in the mall.
  • Text messages to wake me up in the morning :-)
  • My new ottoman is the greatest, and the other gifts I've received so far have been amazing. My friends know me so well <3
  • Loads and loads of fresh crab, with many relatives. Yum!


Anonymous said...

who gave you the ottoman?

Veronicahhh said...


magdalyn said...

are you wearing earmuffs? you look adorable

Faridah said...

Great to hear you're having a good holiday. Hope you have a Merry Christmas too! Love the blazer.