Portents of Winter

Sadly, we are easing out of fall, my favorite season. I say this based on the hurricane-force winds that nearly blew me over last night. Also, the days are getting so short that soon they will have to get long again lest the earth dangerously re-tilt itself. So here are things I am looking forward to for this next season.
  • Visits from family who live far away!
  • Poinsettias (and I don't even have one yet).
  • Grown-up Christmas parties, and not just with my parents.
  • Weather cold enough to justify two scarves, and excessively warm mohair things like this sweater (left).
  • Christmas cake, christmas dinners, and jovial wine consumption.
  • My parents still fling a filled stocking on my bed on Christmas morning. I love it.
  • Snowboarding. I am making the time this year.
  • Egg Nog. Haven't had any yet, either. I better get on this holiday thing.
  • Time off from school to read all the books (and New Yorkers) I've been keeping for this occasion.
  • The NEW YEAR!
  • Oh, and I am looking forward to having the time to actually watch all the movies I've been meaning to watch. So come over!

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