ask me anything

ask me anything:

So how was it?

best new year's in recent memory!!

who is your favourite artist in general?

This is nearly impossible for me to answer. Choosing a single artist is asking me to leave a lot out. But here are a couple names that may not be as obvious as Klimt, Cezanne or Picasso:
Martin Puryear, Andrea Zittel, Brian Jungen, and Owen Kydd. Also- this changes frequently.

there is such one photo you look like a person who do like to listening to hip hop, is it right?

hahah! I sometimes like hip hop when I am going out dancing. However, I should admit that I did just get the new Jay-z album and have had that playing a lot in my place recently.
Normally, I am not really into hip hop.

which female poet is the most inspiring for you?

I hardly ever read poetry. I can't explain why, as I have enjoyed the poetry that I've read, but poetry doesn't inspire me like some books do.

which male poet is the most inspiring for you?

see other poetry answer.

do you have a lovely love animal, but a special one like the tapir?

I'm not sure what a lovely love animal is, but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say mine is a manatee!

Any amusing/terrifying/funny sex stories?

I find sex in general amusing/terrifying/funny.
that's the best answer I can give you as my mom and grandma are sometimes on the blog.

my english is baaad (maybe you know who i am?) so i will ask you some stupid questions, like... which tumblrs are you favourites at the moment? that was no°1, no°2 will come soon...

hmm, my favourite tumblr alternates depending on what I like at the moment.. But these are the ones I'm always looking at:,, and of course anything that has either Lara Stone or nice architecture works, too.


♥ Callah said...

I love this pic of you. I hate bananas, or else I'd prob love that one too lol!

Veronicahhh said...

don't hate bananas! they have potassium!