First Found Photographs of 2010

Charlotte in Wowmagazine.

Ish this photo actually had me loling over my coffee.

You said it, Mia.

This photo is reason number 465481 that I love this woman.
Lykke is my ultimate girl crush. great voice, great shoes, great dance moves,
great black ensembles, great legs, i can go on ad nauseum.

Photo by Patrick D'dell in zero1magazine

Isn't it weird that this editorial is from Vice? They usually just had eds of girls eating
ice cream cones in gold AA bathing suits or something. Anyway, I want to rock this look in
its entirety.
the info: OTO- CHIARA ROMAGNOLI Moda- Rossana Passalacqua Assistente foto- Alberto Tandoi Assistente moda- Raffaella Cara Modella- Tatiana (Select)

The ONLY thing I would have done in the snow if we'd had a white Christmas here in Victoria.

Historic Pier photograph from MoMA

Photograph of Kits Beach by Lindsay Allikas

You want me to say who I am?
KM forever. i-D forever.

"Cabin & Woods is a project published in collaboration with Coley Brown.
We both experienced the wild scandinavian forest and wanted to share different points of view. Two books, kept together by a single band, 16 pages each, full color."
not sure why this is included here but it put a smile on my face..

minus the crocs.
photo by Cristiano Guerri

my future dog, frolicking in a wheat field, tongue out.

Freja of the week, for Robyn

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roo said...

Yay Freja!

Must post beautiful photo's I've found of her as well:)