Found Photographs -- 11th

reward for the one who finds this for me.

Still can't find a nice red dress. I would accept this pink one as a substitute.

let's do it.

This kind of makes me hate Sofia and trust me, I love Sofia.

Stil in Berlin makes me want to go to Berlin again, now that I'm older and
can really appreciate the architecture (and nightclubs).

My friends are awesome and send me photos of shoes. Thanks!

Ultimate shoe collection: Zana. Check out those Rick Owens' at far right. Swoon.

Emile Hirsch and Sean Penn with a soundtrack by Eddie Vedder actually makes Into The Wild a tolerable movie. The book glorifies an inexperienced, naive dreamer who basically kills himself by making some really bad decisions in Alaska. You and I should talk about this if you're not familiar with the story.

Devon Aoki captured by David Mushegain

want this lamp, seriously. via Paish!
not dissimilar to this one, also on my wishlist.

Karlie Kloss is just raking in the campaigns this season. Good thing I love her face.

Manhattan, via MoMA

You know I like skulls: foxes, porcupines, deer. I find them in the forest while mushroom hunting and clean them, glue the teeth back in, and display them on my bookshelf. They are natural and beautiful and a constant memento mori. This one isn't mine, it's from adventuresonfilm.

I signed the referendum. Even if you want a new bridge, you have to agree that signing a referendum means we get to decide together. You can still say "no" on the referendum. So let us have a referendum. I'm oddly passionate about this subject. I talk about it in the most inappropriate venues. It's embarrassing, but yeah. The Blue Bridge. Image from the TC.

Good question. Possible answers include: doing schoolwork, wedge-heeled shoes, how to arrange the furniture in my apartment, how to not wear black H2T, and other mindless pursuits. But I am much happier now that I can just think about you.


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Great post! I really want that nutella snack, gah it looks delish!

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lots of interesting pictures, nice :)

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