Found Photographs

The legs of Vogue Paris, 1994.

Maya Barkai's “Walking Men 99” at 99 Church Street in the financial district has 99 versions of the international “walk” sign. via nyt

oh Kim Noorda, you look stunning here in your red leopard jacket,
driving through the desert in the oldest car in the world.

want. the perfect nye shoe.
bonus points to you if you know what this is from!

Thanks, Best Friends. You know who you are and you make my life less complicated.
love you.

If you haven't seen this yet, you should. I only mention it like once a week.

So Rapvsweden posted this seriously awesome article by Joe Clark about signage in the TTC.
and cuz I'm the ultra-nerd I read the whole thing with fascination. Seriously, amazing. Read it. Thanks, Ian.

idea for a gift: these mint-green mugs by Suuskeramiek on etsy

So the other day Mag shows up with a cropped version of this Dries sweater. Well, not the dries one but one just as good. I am obsessed with the colour. I am obsessed with these sweaters. want want want. This one from jaknjil.


seriously radical. by ELDING OSCARSON found over at jillsies.

photo by louise enhörning

what she's holding.
Emily Di Donato by Guy Aroch

photo by ali bosworth


Kiki said...

Virgin Suicides! I win!

magdalyn said...

the dries sweater is so good that nobody notices when you skip your pants.
also that comic is still making me laugh