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Basically, Jude Law saved Holmes for me. His Watson was terrific.

These new Diesel ads are pretty controversial. I mean, Stupid? Is that really what
they're asking me to aspire to? I can wear your clothes and be stupid? Maybe I don't get it.

This looks EXACTLY like my best friend!
down to the MJs and the shortshort shift.
your hair will soon be this long, baby!

New study finds that asteroids weathered by billions of years in space, such as Eros [above], can be superficially refreshed by seismic shaking induced by close planetary encounters.
via scientific american

Ok so ongoing discussions about how awesome Akitas are.
this Parisian akita photographed by grey.

Stieg Larsson in 1998.
I'm sure that if you know me you've heard me rant in a good way about Stieg Larsson,
author of the Millenium Trilogy. Nothing compares, seriously, nothing. Get the books, read them, don't waste any more time.
Plus, he was kind of a fox. R.I.P.
Photograph from Vanity Fair, where Hitchens (yes, Christopher Hitchens) wrote an article about him.

Maryna Linchuk and Salvatore Morale in Allure December 2009.
that's her boyfriend irl. so sensuous.

Lara, I know you're all engaged and that congratulations are in order, but
I expect nothing less than this photo from you at all times.

Eva Herzigova by Maciek Kobielski, Marie Claire Italia February 2001.

I'm in total love with this look.
Anna Dello Russo, Fashion Director at Large of Vogue Nippon.


Kiki said...

Vouge Nippon! Obvs the best Vouge! Kiki also likes the puppy and the Laura Stone.

I have to say though, that I liked Robert Downey Jr. just as much as I liked Jude Law.

I am now reading the Sherlock Holmes stories (I might have mentioned that) and I have the distinct pleasure of imagining Jude as Watson and Robert as Holmes. They are very sexy stories in my imagination.

Chips said...

Akitas = Amazing.

Tasia is half :)!

♥ Callah said...

I've never been the hugest Jude Law fan but i defo have new appreciation for him now!

Anonymous said...

why is that chick trimming that dudes pubes with a knife in her mouth? is it just me or is that weird?

Veronicahhh said...

it's just you.