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and that is why I drink your milkshake. I drink it up.

This is so good on so many levels. I need to re-up my look and am putting
this into the inspiration folder. Think I'm ready to reconsider hoods as a
possibility (after a two-year shun). Also, I think I'm going to cautiously attempt
restrained hints of colour. Other suggestions?

For Mag.

local talent update: get the podcast here.

by Ryan McGinley

backstage at Prada.

Bara Holotova is one of my new faves. She's the perfect
hybrid of Lara Stone and Anna Paquin. from tfs.

While everyone is busy posting Anja with snakes (for Paris Vogue and McQueen),
I will take the Marie Antoinette route and post her with a little lamb.
Anja Rubik in Vogue Nippon, march 2010.

photo from allsaints.
i'm awaiting with devastating anticipation a package we have coming!! dresses!!
also- these boots are so reminiscent of Hudsons and i want them.

picture of airplane by Matt Savage.

fellow vic residents, come out to support some rad local talent!

for my birthday wishlist im perusing a lot of Henrik Vibskov

10 men winter 09.10 photo- Andrea Spotorno

part of my ongoing "fashion+native americans" fascination.

Adad Hannah On Location 2008, c
colour photograph 102 x 136 cm Edition of 7
Produced with the cooperation of the Museo Nacional del Prado.

IVE BEEN THERE. One of the best rooms in one of the best museums on the planet.

Tell me about your outfit, what are you wearing?
- I am wearing boots from Dr. Martens, tights from H&M, coat from Weekday, scarf from Gina Tricot and a vintage bag.

John Baldessari, Pencil Story (1972-73).


Jb said...

I wouldn't use Eames and talent in the same sentence unless it was a sentence about not using them in the same sentence.


kevin said...

hey, thanks JB! your encouragement and support is duly noted.

mere said...

hey, love your blog!
i'm obsessed with allsaints and dying to order some stuff of their website, do they fit true to size? last thing i want to do is pay a zillion dollars to get things across the border and find they don't fit.

iain said...

wow Jb got any kind of creative endeavour i can say you suck at?

Jb said...

blackup has arrived.
Not really, I'm good at all of them.

Internets are serious business btw.

Veronicahhh said...

Everyone stop fighting!


i wish Weekday was available in US, loving their simple-twisted pieces...

magdalyn said...

excellent prada picture. fyi, the manequins in the store are presently wearing wigs like the hair from the show... its perfect

ps. thanks for the macarons !