Since I had a whole month off from school, apart from the massive amounts of marking I have to do, I'm finding it hard to adjust to going back. Don't you wish you could be on vacation all the time?

This month, I have quite a few large projects going on with work and school. Hope you don't mind that I'll have to slow down the blog a bit. Don't worry, I'll be back to full-time soon enough, but until I've caught up on everything I need to focus on real life stuff.

Thanks to all of you who follow this blog. You make it worthwhile, and I appreciate your comments. I've had a few incidents recently in real life that have made me worry about privacy, but I'm working through that. In the meantime, thanks and hope to see a lot of all of you in 2010!

To everyone busy with work or school, let's just bear down and work hard. Once summer is here we can wear sunhats and ride bikes in the country like Brigitte Bardot here.


roo said...

I will join you and madame bb once April is here.

Good luck with school/work lovely!

Brendan said...

Yikes, privacy issues on the internet scare me as well (are my bosses reading my blog?).

What's been going on? And I agree, good luck with marking, in all its brain numbing glory.

kendal croix said...

i wish it was warm enought for some bike riding.

Anonymous said...

internets are serious business.