If you were a work of art, which one would you like to be? Or you can imagine yourself as a new work. I just want to picture the Veronica Piece. And it can't be a pair of wedge heels.

best question!! love the 2nd part!!
This might surprise you, but i'd love to be a classical marble sculpture. The women are natural and beautiful and timeless and and and.. That's my idea of real, gorgeous beauty.
My 2nd answer is to have a painter who can paint what you look like on the INSIDE on canvas in a portrait of your OUTSIDE. I'm thinking Chaim Soutine..?

I have so many more answers for this!!!!!!!!!!

do u believe to real love ? by ozkn

i believe in real love, but im realistic about what real love is actually like.

I´m Spain but my inglish is very very bad aagg ajaj Ever would travel to Spain? please follow whit me :), I´m veroniica1 by veroniica1

I have been to spain twice and I LOVE IT. it's basically one of my favourite places on the planet. I've been to Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona, Zaragoza, and to the coast.. best trips ever. I love everything about spain.


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