Die Antwoord

don't even think for one second that im joking about this. im digging this like crazy. stuck in my head like what. im also considering a haircut. well that last bit might be a joke. but yea- ohhh em geeee!

and weirdly, this video kind of reminds me of this dismal German Austrian movie, called Dog Days (one of those random movies I've seen and love that no one has even heard of).


Kaitlyn said...


donna said...

you know there's a whole thing going around saying this is a huge PR spoof of some sort? Or at least these dudes are being heavily promoted. Still really good.

Have you seen the taxijam performance? It's a bunch of S.African artists peforming in various taxi cab shots, these guys one of them.

Jb said...

Its not really a spoof, but its not legit either. The guy and girl are flemish, but moved to SA. Jagermeister and Universal are funding everything, and eventually a movie will come out.

Its basically like Fubar, but with CD's and live shows to get the hype going. The good thing about it all is that the CD's will get released online for free. Pretty next level culture production/marketing strategies.

Stacey Clark said...

Just met them at Coachella, they're awesome. Talk about a good time.