DUO : This Decade

At left: Vanity Fair's "A New Decade, A New Hollywood" issue. At right: Benetton circa 90s.

Yes, there are a number of actresses included into this cover that may be of the up-and-coming sort, and some of them possess real acting talent (I'm not talking about Kristen Stewart, don't worry guys). However, are the folks at Vanity Fair confident about asserting that there is not a single non-white female actress who is worth even the slightest consideration in this entire upcoming decade? Kind of a bold, exclusive position to take I should think. The dinosaurs over at Vanity Fair must not watch very many movies other than Twilight, Dear John, and An Education. Shame!

Instead of taking this buffoonery of a magazine or its cover seriously, let us reminisce about the 90s, when Benetton was reminding us of what the world really looks like to those of us who actually live in it.

P.S. Evan Rachel Wood is hardly a "new face", gomers.

partly inspired my michael k.

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patience said...

good observation vero. i must say how much i ADORE mia wasikowska and carey mulligan. can't wait for their next projects! (as in treatment and an education were incredible)