Found Photographs Tuesday

I ain't runnin'

by Ryan

William Hundley
Art Now on Cheeseburgers, 2007
18 x 24 inches.

of course I should have posted this ages ago, but still.

Sean Smith, photographer/filmmaker for The Guardian in Afghanistan.

Jupiter's northern aurora captured by the hubble telescope.

Paris, by grey.

CUE at the VAG via
i promise that I'm not going to van til this is done.
even if i want to more than anything..

Rare photograph of Bergman found during the bergman auction.

Antonio Canova. Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss. 1787.
you don't say.

My bff got knee high boots LIKE THESE and looks about as amazing as can be.
such a sexy look.

(stay tuned)


Kimmy said...

Love Bergman!!!

Anarchist paradise Hahahahahaha!!!!!

July Stars said...

Hello Carin Wester boots (last picture)!

Mylie said...