Found Photographs

For Mag. Because it resembles cage booties.

want want want!! So Dwight Shrute. So utterly ironic yet functional.

This is superb and not just because of her hat.
Tatyana Usova by Elias Wessel
Futureclaw January 2010.

yummmmmmmmm oysters! via
So guess who CAN'T WAIT til Dinearound? MEMEMEMEME

These LOVE covers are just insane. I mean, one is better than the next, then you see
Naomi's and Lara's together like this and nothing else in this world matters.

Alma, captured by Mr.Newton.
She's currently doing a style phase inspired by Amelia Earhart and i think it works.

Zana makes this belt, and I want one.

Grown-up kate is so electrifying.. i just see photos like this and swoon.
Harper's Bazaar/Peter Lindbergh

Hanne is still one of my fave models even though I don't talk about her all the time.
Here she is photographed by Lina Scheynius for Numero Korea 2010.

gmp architekten, the new Cape Town Stadium will host more than 65,000 soccer fans that will enjoy eight World Cup matches.
via archdaily

Lara always looks glum. Here she is looking glum at Givenchy.

uhh impeccable!!
Catherine Holstein+Evisu
via and via

1950s architecture still reigns supreme, even in places with no John DiCastri.
Alexander Home in the Twin Palms Neighborhood (formerly known as Royal Desert Palms), Palm Springs, California. Palmer & Krisel, architects. 1957.

At left, Tiffany and co. At right, MbyMJ.
i want these keychains sooo baddd.

Went to Film Fest to see J'ai tué ma mère (2009) and can firmly say it has been a long time since I saw a film that made me think, that gripped me, that beat me, that immersed me as much as this Canadian flick.

This was sent to me and I love it.
Esp the Chloe wedges.

This was sent to me and I love it.
I can't tell if it's Doutzen but it's close enough!


Faridah said...

I love that shot of Alma! Great outfit.

Sorry for the late reply, my sister's dress is from Myer the department store in Australia.

♥ Callah said...

love the top pic! And the keyring too

Kiki said...

The last one is actually Scarlett Johansson as the Face of MANGO. ^_^ You're Welcome.

Also, I too love the Kate M shot from harpers bazar she is aging well ^_^

Dine Around - YES PLEASE. PS. we are going to cafe brio!

more blogging plz

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