Maybe it's weird that almost every top I own now has some variation of batwing sleeve.. but I just love them, even if they are complicated to fold into outerwear (not that we need it right now, this weather is eerily nice for February).
I'm still not over how white these sneakers are. I've voiced my concerns about them being so white before, but I thought the awkwardness would subside with time. Maybe it hasn't because people keep remarking how clean and white I've managed to keep them. I know they mean well, but I can't help but feel that all people notice on me are my white sneakers. So silly, because I love them so much that I wear them almost all the time now, but yeah.
These hyacinths have been blooming in my place and they smell gooooood! They pop up in a matter of hours into this delightful, colourful piece of nature, smile at you for a few days, then topple over as if they are too heavy for their architectural selves to support. So sad, but there are many more for me I guess. Those pics are from yesterday, and today I have a pink and a white one smiling at me from under the window.
Those watercolours of geishas are by my sister when she used to be an artist. For a while now I haven't known where to put them in my place, but I'm leaving them in that awkward yet highly visible spot because I love her anyway and they are so beautiful.

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donna said...

mmmmm, can't wait for spring blooms to take over the air outside. such a good feeling.