10 mai -- Geneva

Yesterday I drove to Geneva and back in the afternoon. It's about 150km each way, but people in Europe (not Switzerland, but France, Germany, etc) have a tendency to drive in a manner that I consider rational and appropriate (read: quickly) so it didn't take that long.

There was thunder, lightening, and heavy rain in France that cleared up as soon as we neared the border with Switzerland, no joke. That country is pretty insane what with lights that also turn yellow before turning green, and radars on every street ensuring that everyone drives at the same speed. What's wack is that as soon as you pass the border, the road becomes noticeably crowded with extremely luxurious vehicles; no affordable compacts here. So everyone is in ridiculously expensive performance automobiles but is going the same speed. (Picture a ton of audis on one road all driving at 49 in a 50 zone, hilarious!)

In other news, I had lunch at a sushi restaurant called Sushi Yummy, just like the one in Vancouver where we used to go get the $2.99 Hangover Breakfast Special except with Japanese minimalism and a real Japanese chef. I had a gin and tonic at the hotel bar where the tonic came out of a glass bottle, which I thought was romantic.

Hope everyone is doing well. Send me news! I miss you!
(and if you want a postcard, send me your coordinates because I realized that some are not in my address book, darn)


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