10 mai -- Grenoble

I'll be in Grenoble til Thursday, staying at the Park Hotel.
Above are photos of our Sunday lunch. Do not underestimate lunch.
Lunch for 9 people at my aunt's country house included:
  • Champagne (it's lunch, whatever)
  • Asparagus and paté
  • Lamb chops with green beans
  • Tiramisu (above) , fromages, wine, etc.
Tonight I ate with my grandfather at the only local place that is open on Sundays (nothing is open in France on Sundays). I'm staying in my favourite room in the hotel (the same one I always stay in). This week, I will visit with an old friend from my Toronto days (woo!! Mona!!), visit the museum, hike the Bastille, and other wonderful events.

Please send news! I miss home, and love you all.
Sorry about the crappy iphone photos, I will endeavour to break out the dslr. It's just that every time I do everyone makes comments about my taking photos of the food. To them, it's no big deal. Maybe it's worth the abuse...


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