17 Mai -- Lunch

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to the home of a true master: Bernard Mure Ravaud. Since I've gotten here, I've encountered more coincidences than ever in my life, and how I ended up having lunch with his family is a good one! He is a family friend, and his daughter is going to do an exchange in Victoria next year. She lives in Paris, and happened to be visiting this weekend while I was in town. Bernard wouldn't have known I was from Victoria if my grandfather hadn't mentioned it to him in passing last week..

Bernard (above in his wine cellar) holds Guiness World Records for cheese. He is a cheese expert. His cheese shop here in Grenoble always has a line-up out the door. He knows everything about cheese, and has a passion for his job that I can't even describe. Check out his site, this man is world famous!

Their family was extremely welcoming, and I partook in a feast fit for kings. Here are photos.

Above left and bottom left: photos from Bernard's shop!
Top right: HE IS WORLD FAMOUS! THE BEST IN FRANCE!! cannot overstate his eminence in the world of fromage!!
bottom right: what he brought home from the shop for our lunch. Among these delicacies was a Brie with truffles (!!!) and a goat's cheese dipped in white wine. Also present were the usual suspects: Reblochon, Beaufort, Compte, ahhhhhhh.

This is Margaux and Una, a miniature greyhound. I didn't know this breed existed. All of you who know about my obsession with greyhound/whippets can sense how excited I was to meet her. Totally adorable and wonderful.
Margaux is totally wonderful, too.

Dessert here always seems to involve macarons.

And in case you were wondering what we drank...

My mom arrived tonight :-)

Miss everyone, BISOUS!

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magdalyn said...

i feel the need to comment on every post with macarons. but the fromage story is better in this situation