18 mai -- Musée dauphinois

The musée dauphinois is situated in a restored convent. They have awesome permanent exhibitions (see skis below) as well as some cool temporary ones, too. Admission is free.

Best seat in the house.
chair by Marie Goussé.

This exhibit on skiing outlines the sport's history. There are ancient skis from all over the world,
photographs, ski-lifts, and more recent memorabilia, like the skis of Gold Medal Olympians,
which were part of a gifted private collection.

The Cooking Frog is my sidekick for the next ten days.
Her daily recipe for today is Tomates Provençales.

Un coquelicot.

Rive droite in Grenoble.

Nice font!

This man was reading while walking.

France is absolutely polluted with graffiti on everything. It's such a shame, and it
really bothers me when I see it in places like these ancient doorways.

Hope that everyone is doing well. Can't wait til Thursday.. guess where I'll be having dinner!!
(hint: one of France's most renowned chefs will be creating our menu)


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