Arrived safe and sound in France, albeit without my suitcase (which AF alleges is on route to the house now). Our flight arrived on time from Seattle to Paris, but we sat on the tarmac by the runway for 40+ mins waiting for an A-380 to leave for our gate to be free. This left me about ten minutes to make my connection. I crossed CDG airport running like a maniac through security, customs, two major terminals, and just barely made it to my gate in time. They closed it behind me. The guy running just behind me had it shut in his face, whoa. Anyway, made it Lyon sans valise, dealt with the reluctant staff about my missing suitcase, and finally made it to my aunt’s house!!

Have already eaten Ravioles de Royan, napped and showered. Views from the shower include views of the Vercors, open fields, and my aunt’s pony. Tonight’s dinner so far involves a gratin dauphinois.. more on this later!


Ravioles de Royan

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paish said...

that's funny because that link i sent you had a hilarious section about "waiting 40 minutes on the tarmac"