4 mai -- st just de claix

sooooooo big news!

I've decided to extent my stay here in Europe. Turns out that three weeks wasn't long enough for me to be able to fit everything in. If I stay another month, I have time to see Berlin, Provence, and Norway. So that's what I'm doing.

If you want to sublet my superb downtown apartment in Victoria this May-June, please inquire within. I'll be too busy Tromsø. And Berlin. And Lozere. And... !

love! and more news later.

ps. these macarons were on the table waiting for me at my grandmother's house. lovely. and delicious!


Anonymous said...

this actually makes me quite sad. when would you be coming back? what if i'm not here anymore? you won't be here for your birthday...

magdalyn said...

those macarons look perfect