8 mai -- Le Vercors

The first few days of my trip I was super jetlagged. My flights were terribly long. The only good thing about the trip was that on my trans-atl flight AF had Lagerfeld Confidential. French airlines are cool in that the food is edible and the tv has great options. But the service they provide is beyond terrible.

So it has not been warm or sunny since I got here.. which is getting really depressing.
But here are some fun photos of my escapades!

My grandmother and I went for a drive through the Vercors. To get around, you travel on tiny, winding roads that are just on the edge of cliffs. Veer less than a foot away from the edge of the road, and plummet thousands of meters to your death. Freaky, but amazing. There are also cool tunnels carved into the mountain to get around where avalanches destroyed the old, narrow road.

Each time I go to a supermarket I'm just blown away by the food here. I think that the first day I arrived, I spent about an hour just looking at all the cheese. I chose all the cheese I wanted to eat at the supermarket, then my aunt took my to the actual factory where they make it and bought more there. The cheese here is unreal (I'm totally into it), but so is the produce! It costs a fraction of what it does at home, and it is soooo much better! Entire aisles of beautiful, brilliant varieties of lettuce. The freshest leeks I have ever seen. More than three types of artichokes. Tomatoes in shapes I have never seen nor could I have imagined existed (with names like "Beef heart", seriously weird but so tasty).

below: artichokes, lettuce, cheese factory.

I'm having a blast, but I miss you all very much.



Anne-Marie said...

I think the Canucks know you aren't watching and that's why they are losing!!!


i was so thankful for 15 movies to chose from on irish airlines... the travel goes much faster. i hope you are having a great time. wonderful scenery indeed.

♥ Callah said...

CHEESE. Yummmmm