Grenoble Flânerie

Just a few shots that were on my iphone.

at left, Tomme de Savoie. at right, Beaufort.

On the rives of the Isère river in Grenoble.

I dangled my legs off this ledge and soaked in the warm sun.
The museum is across the street.

This was, without exaggeration, one of the most memorable exhibitions I have ever seen.

The show consisted of 6 expressionist paintings, each of which was given a detailed art historical analysis aimed at the common art gallery visitor. In each room was the painting in question on one wall. On the other three walls were a chronology of the artist's life within the Impressionist movement, a general overview of the work situated within the artist's oeuvre, and an in-depth analysis of the work itself.

Not only did this show draw a particular focus to the fact that The Impressionists were, in their time, avant-garde and incredibly modern, it also permitted the visitor to leave the museum having learned enough about each particular work to be able to understand the group as a whole.

To top it all off, the show had its own concise exhibition catalog. This seems like such a luxury to us Canadians, where limited arts funding never allows for the possibility of a publication to go along with this type of small show (only 6 paintings!), but it was priced at only €8!

This museum is fantastic, and its scale and quality is completely unexpected from a city like Grenoble, which is hardly an art capital like Paris or Madrid. I think it is completely worth a detour if you're ever in the region. They have an comprehensive European Art collection from classical to modern times (they have two Chaim Soutines!!), an intact Egyptian mummy of a female prophet with the first intact lute ever found in Egypt, and a surprising contemporary art collection with good pieces from Donald Judd to Jeff Wall. I visit it every time I'm in France (my grandfather lives in Grenoble) and always spend a day there.


magdalyn said...

this sounds amaazzing. i must look through the catalogue upon your return!

affiliate marketing said...

I would love to visit there - those pics look great considering they're from your iPhone

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

beautiful x hivennn.

miriam said...

like yr photos a lot, and that cheese looks delish <3