May 20 -- chez Paul Bocuse

Joyeux Anniversaire!!
Old friends Henri (my grandpa, left) and Paul Bocuse!

Yesterday, for the celebration of my grandfather Henri's 80th birthday,
my entire family enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Paul Bocuse's world famous 3-star restaurant.
This is a shot of his kitchen!

Though it would take me at least one entire blog entry to just talk to you about the food,
I'll instead show you this dessert (one of many desserts we had) and direct you to my mom's
cooking blog for more details about our menu.

My mom, see below, aka The Cooking Frog.

This is the exterior of Paul's restaurant.

Apéritif: Champagne Henriot Brut Souverain.

Avec Paul!


Tonton Jean-Louis, Tati Veronique (Vero 1), et Vero 2 (moi) au milieu.

moment candide.

Such an incredible day for a truly wonderful occasion!

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