Trésors acquis en France

I really like notebooks. This one is lined, which I normally don't like, but this
creamsicle colour spoke to me. It also has the little folder at the back like the moleskine, however, it is made in France unlike a moleskine. Hemingway may not have used Rhodias, but generations of French children have and many of them became great authors anyway.

I've had really good luck with books since I arrived. Here are some of my finds.
Particularly worthy of note is Dur, dur. It happens to be the only Banana Yoshimoto book I haven't read. I'm excited to read it translated into French, as I find the English translations pretty wonky at best. Bottom right is one of the last Saint-Exupery books I haven't found in French in Canada. The other books I found in the buy-two-get-one-free bin at the used bookstore.

This is the actual bottles Coca Light is being sold it. There's another edition for Milka, but
who cares about Milka when you can have a Karl Lagerfeld Coke????
Just so you know, I am the coolest cuz I own this. I will place it next to my Christian Lacroix
limited edition glass Evian bottle from a couple xmases ago.

Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle. I've worn this every second since I bought it.
Women in France wear lipstick like they wear perfume, that is, all the time. I'm immersing
myself into the local culture. It's so becoming.


fritha louise said...

Wow, Karl Lagerfeld coke? Coolest thing ever!

Pennerad said...

that book + that bottle = coolest souvenirs.


i like the lipstick-daily idea :)