Various Photographs

All the photos below taken by me in Grenoble today.

I would be carrying my dslr for better quality pics if it would JUST STOP RAINING for more than 30 mins at a time. This blue sky was followed by thunder. Yesterday and the day before I saw lightening. The weather during my trip so far has been abysmal, with no sign of improvement forecast until Sunday.

But enough about the weather.. and more on my dinner last night! Which was an asparagus and lobster appy (below, bottom), followed by ris de veau with fresh morels. Words are just not enough to explain how delicious my meal was.

This stadium is like an exact replica of Lyon's St Exupery airport/station.
Look it up. Calatrava. Just saying.

Ish requested "food porn" so I thought I should post some food on fire.
Talk about memorable presentation. It's like your food is a spectacle, then you devour it. haha.

this was my appetizer last night at Chavant. (!!!!!!)
Accompanied by a delicious glass of white Sancerre, let's just say I was impressed.
Fire was at the next table.

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